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The theme for this week is Story: Perspective

Perspective for the purpose of this challenge is the relationship of objects in the scene. If you really want a challenge this is a good chance to use forced perspective.

Some information on perspective and it’s use in photography can be found here:

If you want to explore forced perspective have a look at this excellent article:

Send your shot to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.


Different perspectives of perspective


A jagging perspective of London. Taken across the Thames from the London Eye. Was spoiled for choice on this one considering where I am. I kept returning though, to this crammed image. Snapped on my phone and altered to create a graphic look.


I lay down under a small children’s slide at a public playground looking up at the slide’s platform. No mean feat actually…the stones poked into me & they were wet!! Lucky no one was around at the time!! I took the photo with my smart phone and just straightened it.


Walking along Collins Street, could not resist one of Melbourne’s (sinking) landmark, the Rialto. I also hadn’t realised that Bank of Melbourne appeared where a nice eating and drinking courtyard used to be… Used the tree branches to frame the shot.

iPhone 6S Plus


Bill Ponsford helped me out this week. He hit it for a six.
Onya Bill.


Tricky this week! Wanted to take the line up of abandoned shops in Skipton, but couldn’t quite get it wide enough.

Settled for this one instead.


Found this week tough so I took the advice to look up.  I was away for work and was wandering past the Adelaide Town Hall when I saw this one

iPhone using the Lightroom app


This was taken lying on my back looking up at a power pylon. I was fairly sure there would be lots of patterns but it was better than I thought it would be

Took lots but I picked this one as the lines were black and the sky had some texture


“Make your voice heard”
I hope I captured the essence of what I wanted to depict, but I’ll leave it to viewers to imagine the rest of the story.


The road into the darkness.


The Stormtrooper was sent out on a mission to search for the Rebel base and came across this alien life form.


With minimal time and opportunity available I had to snap something thru the windscreen in traffic. Taken on my phone and cropped a bit. Quite pleased from a very rushed shot


For my photo I got my friend sophie to stand in the lounge room whilst I layer on my bedroom floor. I’m the photo you can see part of my rug which is on the ground. I thought it what make the photo look cool


My daily paradise in the office


Under the big wheel looking up. Love this view as it looks so different.


The cricket nets.

How many shoes have pushed on that wire whilst climbing to receive a ball?


Don’t Look Back: Sony Xperia Z3.
I had a wonderful week experimenting with different angles. In the end, this is my favourite; a grainy low light shot, with too many filters to count. Barrelling along the autobahn towards our ‘home’ for the night after another wet day sightseeing. The road travelled stretched behind us. This was the moment that changed my perspective on the day.


Princes Pier, Port Melbourne.
Took 70 shots but turns out first one was the best!
Olympus EPL5 Penlite. 40-150mm lense. f5 aperture


Have been quite tied up this weekend so could only take some shots at home. I used the Happy Wanderers in my front yard as the foreground, with the tree across the street adding depth to the picture, The sunlight through the gaps among the leaves created some dramatic effect like flares produced by pointed light sources.


I had all kinds of cool stories involving dogs and kids etc, but as I have neither I struggled to bring them to fruition! I don’t love this photo, but I do like the story behind it – the old church now sheltering in the middle of the tall buildings, and the contrast between the aged brick and the shiny and sleek new generation. Taken on my Canon 550D then tinkered with a bit in whatever the default editing software is on my laptop.


Massive week on holidays, so I’m stoked just to get this in! Snapped it out the car window on my way home. Have loved this QLD. Now but to freezing Canberra.


I had a couple of ideas about trying forced perspective but found it really tricky so decided to try perspectives in landscape which seemed more familiar territory.
This was taken at the Werribee cliffs lookout and I tried to frame the tree in the foreground as the river curved off into the distance with the fence and river bank doing the same thing to enhance the effect of the river.


This week my perspective was vertical due to being hit with a shocking cold that knocked me out for the 2nd half of this week including today.
I was lucky enough to start taking photos earlier in the week so have a couple I could use for this week’s challenge.
The photo i chose looks very much like a cluster of mushrooms growing in my garden but it could also be the home to magical little creatures known as fairies.
The photo was taken with my iPhone which is slightly cropped, enhanced and sprinkled with fairy dust lol. Yes I have taken a lot of medication for my cold this week!


This majestic and gigantic tree has been thriving in Manuel Antonio national park in Costa Rica for hundreds of years. I estimate its height is at least 50 metres…it seemed so high to me that it almost melds with the sky.