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The theme for this week is Artistic: Orange

Your inspiration is either the colour orange or an actual orange. Or both.

Colour challenges are always interesting as you will likely experience the Baadar-Meinhof phenomenon in full force and start seeing orange everywhere.  Get shooting.

As this weeks theme is grouped under Artistic you can go as crazy as you like with pre & post processing.

Send your shot to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.



Some eye catching colour 



On Saturday I went for lunch at Chandon in the Yarra valley. Loved this bottle as well as what was in it!



My orange crab!



I’ve gone a bit artistic this week. This is an unedited photo taken at dusk from my flight from Darwin on Thursday night



It’s official…orange doesn’t really exist in Costa Rica. The “oranges” aren’t even orange.

So here we have the only orange thing I’ve been able to find…a flower. I like the complexity of the different elements, the buds, the blooming flowers and the pistils – it looks like the flowers are singing.



I love challenges that involve food and wine so when I saw Orange for this week’s challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph.

I love roast pumpkin and cook it pretty much every week. When I was young I thought it would be fun to become a food stylist but when I found out they sprayed the food with a lacquer to make it shine it sort of lost its appeal.

But times have changed and so has Photography. I used my iPhone to take the photo and slightly enhanced the photo in Lightroom. Oh and yes it was delicious 🙂



This is a traffic cone – the triangle sort but for some reason when I photographed it close up it seemed straight up and down!



 didn’t see that much orange that inspired me this week. I wanted to do something that was a little bit cryptic too (I was going to crush an orange for the REM song)….In the end I went for ‘clockwork orange’.

My local town ‘Chesham in Buckinghamshire, England is an historic market town….I walk past the clock most days and thought it would be nice to make it stand out.

Photo was taken with my iPhone, I then used an app on my Surface to grey out everything but the clock tower…which was fun to do and first time really used the pen (some of the edges aren’t great….but could do with a better app probably. Then I used Paint.Net to add a vignette (just because I could really…but liked that it kind of draws even more focus to the clock).



Title: “The Journey Home”

Ended up using a backup picture.

Artistically, the intent was to try a “framed” shot through the two windows on the carriage doors, but it ended up looking weird with lots of reflections and wonky lines. So I settled for another composition through 1 window.

A few unintended things happened here: the reflections on my carriage kind of lined up with the lights in the other carriage. And the gentleman’s reflection on the right lined up with the lady as well. Completely unintended, so I can’t take any credit for it.

Colouring wise, I’ve been hooked on Cross Processing presets for a bit, so I copped out with another preset.



I couldn’t resist a) getting up close and personal with our orange street lights, and b) another bike shot.
I haven’t done much to it.
I like the lines, the shadows, the points of light in the background like fireflies.



Schmettelinghaus (Butterfly House) Mainau Island, Lake Bodensee, Germany. Another phone shot. Photographed a million orange flowers on this island of blooms but settled on this. How can you go past an orange plate with oranges on it for the orange challenge. The butterflies are conveniently orange’s contrast colour, blue.



Altona beach from the pier. Played with the colours to get some more orange!



Extra offer for an artistic orange week



I have these laces as I am part of a youth leadership project with the Western Bulldogs to promote “STEP BACK, Think”.  It raises awareness about social violence by providing orange laces to Australian sporting clubs of all codes, levels and ages along with information on strategies to reduce violence both on and off the sporting field.  If you would like to support my work on this and on other issues effecting young people as part of the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation you can sponsor me running in the Melbourne Marathon festival here.  xx



Prawns from the Sushi Train.

Travelling for work in Tasmania this week and was shooting anything orange on the fly.

Love the tiny orange dots of the prawns and the colour contrast with the ceramics.

Taken with trusty Olympus EPL5 Penlite, smaller lense.



A technical photo this week, combining DSLR camera, macro lens, flash and a iPhone-based trigger – as well as some H2O and the orange subject Berocca.

If anyone is interested to know more:
The phone camera detects motion and instructs the DSLR to take a photo (this is the cheaper version, the more precise one relies on laser beam triggers).
The blurriness is because the shutter speed is not high enough to freeze the motion: the flash was off-camera and in that case the camera cannot synchronise at higher shutter speeds. On-camera flash produces the right result but the reflection of the head-on flash on the glass renders the photo unusable.
Taken on Nikon D810 (she’s back!), Tamron 90mm, SB-700 flash. The iPhone app in control is Triggertrap.



So originally I did a really dodgy version of this, because I couldn’t be bothered this week, but then I got my act together. I have tried bokeh on multiple occasions over the past two challenges and never quite managed it, so I was happy with how this worked out. I crumpled up alfoil and wrapped it over my laptop. Shot at 30mm 2.4 aperture, 1/650 shutter speed. I cropped it, increased the warmth, clarity, saturation and added a vignette.



Inspiration for this week’s challenge finally hit during my sewing class. My teacher’s studio is a haven full of retro accessories, bags of thread and beautiful fabric off cuts. Taken on the trusty Sony Xperia. Minimal editing in the Lightroom app.



As it’s not the 70s, there’s not that much orange around. Went cruising around my suburb in search of the elusive colour and found a great industrial building. I have a bit of a penchant for geometric patterns so was drawn to this. Used my 10 year old EOS, boosted the colour saturation a little and applied a bit of ‘grain extract’ filter.



After a long week struggling to get inspiration, i came across this literally on my doorstep.
Highlights and Shadows have been tweaked in Pixelmator.



Unlike Dayna, I don’t have the skin-peeling skills, so I decided to throw a few oranges inside a crystal bowl. The refraction of oranges through the glass turned them into a piece of abstract art. Another surprise (which I only realised after taking the photo) was the bottom of the bowl looked like a batman or masquerade mask. Anyway, this is up to the viewers’ imagination



A photo from a late night walk. The orange from the street lights gives an eerie light to the skeleton branches



Orange nasturtiums in their full winter glory amongst the parsley patch. I love the contrast of the orange and green.





Hastily shot an route to a friend’s



Orange in my old fashioned… Straight out of camera 



Time for me this week has been slightly challenged, however early in the week I visited a cafe in Balwyn for coffee. As I was entering, there stood a gorgeous little mandarin plant sitting at the end of an uncovered table beside a tyre, obviously put there for decorative purposes. The plant had a few peices of it’s fruit ripened on the branches. It had just rained. Rain droplets were sitting on a couple of the mandarins as well as on some of it’s leaves. With a little post photo creativity I created my photo for this weeks “orange” challenge.



A cafe around the corner from me uses these vibrant orange and yellow cups for takeaway coffees.  I took shots of the staff in action with the aim of an orange tinged portrait but kept coming back to this one as it was so ‘orangy’.  I added a bit of vignette in post.