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The theme for this week is Story: Golden Hour

The golden hour is the hour before sunset or after sunrise when the sun casts amazing golden tones. Find a way to use the golden hour to tell a story.

Some info on golden hour photography can be found here:

Some tools you can use to work out when it’s the golden hours where you live:

Keep in mind your shot doesn’t need to be of the sunrise / sunset.  This shot is about using the golden light to tell a story.

Send your shot to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.





I loved sitting on the beach watching the light change over the hour before sunset.
This shot was taken at Punta Uva beach in Costa Rica. I like the way this shot captures the richness of the Caribbean side of the island with it’s Jamaican influence. And the way the light makes the tree look golden.



“Rush Hour”
Wanted to depict one of the busiest intersections in Melbourne – Punt and Swan. 



What could be more golden than the gorgeous sun theatre in Yarraville , just before sunset? We went to see Lawrence of Arabia last night in 70mm, as it is apparently my husbands favourite movie of all time. Who knew the uncut version went for nearly four hours, and had a twenty minute intermission? Hope all the dads had a great Father’s Day



Optimal weather conditions in Melbourne’s Alexandra Gardens (despite near-freezing temperatures and fingers) led to luscious orange hues. I took a dozen different shots in the space of 40 minutes and found it hard to pick one for submission – but this one stood out because it ‘s a spot of tranquility in Melbourne’s CBD without the imposing buildings.

Nikon D810 ISO f/5.6 1/40s
Nikon 24-70 @24mm
Post processing in Lightroom for detail and shadow extraction.



The city was getting ready to rest. The sun was warming the last cloud for the day. The poor soul still had to stay back in the office and work 🙁
Taken with Sony A6300, 110mm f5.6 1/200 sec. Post-processed using Photomatix to deepen the colours.



Minimal opportunity and ability to get somewhere worthy of fully appreciating the elusive golden hour in Melbourne’s winter. This blossom at the local park did catch the light beautifully.



I took this shot in the park across from where I live just after sunrise as the suns rays worked their way down from the top of the trees.  There was a heap of waterbirds perched on the edge of the lake all watching the sun rise with me.



An explosion of light and heat at dawn heading into Melbourne on the west gate freeway.



I could take photos at this time of day every day – it is so beautiful and surprising. I am lucky enough to ride to work at 07 15 every day – this time of year is the best.

Taken at 07 00 Thursday morning when there was still a frost on some of the leaves. This gave them a shine in the sun. Footscray Botanical Gardens



No other city can compare to our Marvellous Melbourne
My daughter’s view from her Dockland apartment



Right before sunset Khao Lak Thailand. Simple phone snapshot. Mind has been elsewhere. Love seeing everyone’s work.



Very cloudy during this ‘golden hour’ so I had to introduce some gold myself.  This is a story with a happy ending.  I call it ‘Amber Hour’. 



Very busy week this week with very early starts and late finishes so really only had one day to get a good shot. Being my 1st time shooting in golden hour I took home some great learnings. 
The photo I shot was taken whilst walking to work along Brunswick Street. I loved how the glow of the sun changed the colouring of one of the houses/retail shop. This was taken in the morning and it freaked me out how the light changed from a glow to sunlight within a split second. To actually be present and see that light shift was pretty cool. 
Taken on my iPhone (I’m saving up for a good camera) with a tiny bit of enhancing.



For a week I had been looking forward to, it was actually tougher than expected. I was really relying on sunrise pics on my commute (thus another sneaky Brompton photo). A lot of commuters walk through the grounds of the MCG which is where this was taken.  iPhone again, edited in Photo and VSCO



This doesn’t capture the golden I was hoping for. The sky did have more colour in it. I loved the contrast of the light coming from the shed as my youngest was tinkering away on his latest project oblivious to the day ending outside.



This was my golden hour this week. I shot this with my iPhone on the daily commute and I love this view in Yarraville.



It has been tricky to be available to even take a photo at the golden hour this week let alone have a camera in hand at the right moment with Melbourne’s weather, therefore I needed to take a different approach. So this is the golden warmth of home, fire glowing, dog at the door, happy child preparing Fathers Day dinner and garden lights glowing – all during that golden hour. Raise a glass and cheers!



Sunset After The Rain. Taken indoors to capture the raindrops with levels tweaked and frame added in Pixelmator. 



This is a back up photo I took during the week, thinking I’d go on a shoot this weekend but the weather sucked and there was no sunset – I’m not a morning person so sunrise was not an option.

I may have gone overboard with post, but I love drama in a photo. I’m not sure why I like the composition of this pic so much, but even though my other back up pics had much better skies, I liked this one more. Shot on iPhone and edited on Insta.



“Blossom is Spring”

I love Spring! To me it means new life, growth, light, warmth, dormant plants coming alive, the fluttering of birds building nests, sunlight, longer days and new beginnings. Even though it does not really feel like spring has sprung in Melbourne, the plants certainly seem to know it has. I love blossom! It is colourful, delicate, refined, beautiful and in the sunlight it dances & flutters like little butterflies. I took my photo for this challenge early in the week at 5.30 pm when the sun had just moved into the “Golden Hour” lighting up the beautiful blossom that had just started to flower.



Port Phillip bay at dusk, Taken from the Sandy.

Olympus EPL5 Penlite



Room with a view – clearing out our loft to make some space I took the only real opportunity this week to make use of the golden hour sun – looking out from our roof top – love the effect on the clouds. 



I struggled to find the time for this, as I watched the light turn dark from my place of work each evening.

The weekend wasn’t as fruitful, and I wanted to use the light, not take a pic of the sky.
Didn’t quite happen. Here’s a pic of our (new) car.