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The theme for this week is Technical: Panning

Use the technique of panning to capture a subject in movement. Panning is using a slower shutter speed while following the subject with the camera to create the sense of movement in an image.

This site has an overview of panning and you can see some examples here

This site has some great info as well

If you are using your phone here are some sites with instructions on how to achieve the effect:

Send your shot to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.



Tough ask this week.  Well done to everyone who managed to submit



Played around with shutter speed and panning. Quite tricky technique. I didn’t get much time this week…only Sunday and this was the best of about 6 shots



Difficult this week to capture the challenge and something interesting. My planned shot was Roller Coaster at Luna Park, but on the day the roller coaster wasn’t running.

So one of my practice shots it is. The best of many that didn’t work at all. Traffic on Brighton rd.

Taken with Olympus penlite EPL5.



Didn’t have time to go out for real panning shots (of freezing motion objects), I ended up creating this fake one at home. The Osteospermums were actually stationary and I panned my camera at 1/20 sec to create the motion blur effect. The sun behind the flowers helped to exaggerate the effect – with light trails quite obvious at the stalks and petals.

Nikon D700, Tamron 90mm macro, f/38 1/20 sec, ISO-200.



Yeah, this photo did not work out as planned. I had trouble charging my camera (trouble meaning, I forgot to charge it until the last minute) so had to do something at night indoors. I’d like to think that it would’ve worked out better if it was a larger object, like a bike. I also hope all those spots are a dirty lens, not a dirty sensor! Going to chalk this one up as a draw – I got it in, but not happy with it. 



I found this to be a really hard challenge so congratulations to all those who achieved greatness. I now have many empty frame shots of roadway having just missed the bike, car or truck, sky having just missed the bird, water having just missed the boat and tracks having just missed the train! Anyway this is the best I could do – cyclist on Footscray Rd under Bolte Bridge.



This will be different to everyone else’s but…. this week was our school concert. This picture was taken from a balcony during the finale where all the kids were dancing and waving their arms. They had a ball!!



I had no idea what panning was until this challenge and I love a challenge. It took half the week to get the technique. I took heaps of shots and this is the best panning shot on my iPhone. Not the best but happy to have given it a go. 



This picture was taken during my trip to Amsterdam this last week.
It was taken on the final day of my month long trip through Europe.

Prior to taking this picture my panning shots were of locals cycling through beautiful Amsterdam. If you ever have the chance to travel here, do so, it’s a gorgeous city.
I thought I’d achieved my shot for this week’s submission, and then, out of the blue, this character shows up, throwing wheelies in the middle of the street on his electric wheelchair, entertaining passers-by.

I had changed my lens over from an autofocus Sigma 35mm F2.8 to a manual focus Samyang 12mm F2 between shots, which made this shot much harder to capture.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to switch over to burst mode prior to taking the shot. This was the sharpest (and best composed) of 24 images.
ISO 100, f5.6 (I think), 1/50.

Cropped, sharpened and corrected in Lightroom.
I went with a vintage film look for this picture as I feel it complements the subject.

I’ve named this picture The Flying Dutchman (although this dude had a suspicious American accent).



Really disappointed with myself not making time to take advantage of panning opportunities in the CBD, I ‘caught’ the something something Lilydale to Flinders Street a few minutes out of Croydon. Then kicked myself for focusing on the side of the train rather than on the very front.

Shutter Speed 1/40s f/10 (the rest doesn’t matter……..)



Really struggled this week.  But rather than take a photo of something moving past me, I tried shooting something falling. In this case it was a competitor at my son’s diving competition. You build a bit of speed up plummeting from 10 metres.  I think it would have looked better if I could have got closer to take the shot.



Yep, I went for the easy subject: a cyclist.
At this point on the trail people aren’t whizzing by at great speed… so I’m not sure if it’s that or my technique, or a combination of the two that means I’m not getting a great deal of blur.
Still, the rider and bike is in sharp focus, whereas the rest is not which is what I was aiming for.
Taken with my phone, no special app.



Aaaargh! What a challenge. Came to the conclusion that finding a location with a good background and no visual impediments was not gonna happen so just stood at the bottom of my driveway.

Apart from the technical challenge, finding cars that weren’t boring white was as impossible as hoping a cyclist of motor bike would go by. One cyclist did venture my way and this was the only image that turned out nearly sorta ok to at least show the technique. It was about the only one that wasn’t blurry all over. Worked out I was being too ambitious with a shutter speed of 30. At least 50 gave a reasonable result.

Bring on next week – I’m over it for this week lol



I was fortunate enough to be in Tokyo this week, and was excited to get some panning shots in Shibuya.   They did not work out the way I wanted them to, and i only had a 50mm lens with me.   Not that it’s a lens issue, but it may have been an ISO issue which is why I ended up with more blur than i wanted.

Anyway, this shot i liked (apart from the back end of the truck) because it captured for me the essence of a fast paced city.  I especially like the pondering face inside the taxi.   Lots wrong with this photo, but it was an attempt at panning.



I have to say this week really was a challenge for me. I found it extremely difficult to balance the correct shutter speed with the movement I was photographing and then trying to balance that with the correct exposure was super hard…for me. Interestingly, I think because I found it so challenging, it’s also the week I’ve enjoyed the most. So. here’s my final shot. This friendly little chap was heading off for some Saturday afternoon fishing in the afternoon warmth of Granada, Nicaragua.



D5200, 35mm, f/8, 1/40 ISO 100



There was a cute little dog in the side car but he must have moved!! Taken in Williamstown



I plonked myself on an footbridge over the nearest freeway hoping to get something interesting in motion.   I quickly found out that most of the vehicles on freeways are pretty boring and that any shot I took on the lanes closest to me filled too much of the frame to really get the effect of movement.  I ended up moving higher and shooting across the freeway divider to the lanes on the opposite side.  It was a very mixed bag of results including one where I fluked the movement so much the car ended up looking like it was photoshopped in.   Anyway, the one here was the best of rest.  Shot at 1/12 second shutter speed