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The theme for this week is Artistic: Land

A very open theme this week.   Your inspiration is land.  This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way.  The choice is yours.

You can find some tips for shooting landscapes on your phone here.

Some general tips on landscape photography can be found here:

The category is artistic so use this week to go as wild as you like.

Send your challenge to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.

Submission due..


From country to city and shades of between.  This is how you interpreted ‘land’


For this week’s challenge I used my love of wine was to be my inspiration and destination, so off to wine country I went.

Destination: Yarra Valley whoo hoo!

I travelled to a few wineries (and bought a bottle of wine or two along the way) and found a winery, with a lovely Pinot Noir, off the main road.

Down the same street were some beautiful properties that to me depicted Australian Land and gave me some great shots for this challenge. I had such a great day!

Oops forgot to say I took the photo on my iPhone and used colour enhancers on adobe photo shop.


Subdued dawn chorus


Almost forgot to send this to you!

This was shot on an iPhone since I forgot to bring an SD card with me on my shoot *head smack* It’s been pretty heavily cropped and had the saturation and vibrancy of colours all increased in Lightroom. I also increased the clarity and the exposure for the white. Feeling much better now that Brett has allowed me to go back to post processing. I’m trying to work out if I am going overboard with the post given I’m quite a newbie, or if I’m just developing my own style (I love colour, clarity and blowing out images).

Looking forward to seeing how everyone else interpreted this week!


Lucky Winter Solstice was this week or I’d either have to had to wake up much earlier, or submit a less colourful photo.

Taken on my phone on my ride to work.

My commute is – by far – the best part of my day.


Two or three times a week I travel to Melton in Melbourne’s outer western suburbs for work. In amongst the built up suburban area is this little oasis Hannah Watts Park, named after one of the early pioneers. Great place for a peaceful moment of reflection and a quick shot on the phone.


Looking from Waterloo Beach to Oyster Bay in Swansea, Tasmania. Winter’s afternoon. Warmth of the colours in the sky, and the landscape contradict the actual temperature of the day.

Taken with Olympus Penlite LP5


Here is my submission for Wk 3. Shot on my Nikon Coolpix. Put through some filters available on my PC – nothing fancy.
I wanted to crop to get just a zoom of the branch but couldn’t figure out how to do it, sigh.


Earlier in the week I camped in the Victorian Alps.  This pic is from near the summit of Mt Sterling.   I took two shots on my point-and-shoot and then stitched them together.


Autumn is my favourite season, so I was on a mission to get some leaves and colour! This was taken at the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne which is looking very pretty at the moment.
If I had a super-duper camera (rather than my phone) I would have loved to try to get some of the leaves drifting from the trees. Will have to check out some of the apps you suggested to try


The Red Sand Garden of the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. The slates add an artistic touch to the otherwise plain foreground and leads our vision to the native bushes beyond.


Wasn’t exactly sure what this week was about so I’ve got a landscape shot from a quick drive around Listerfield. The ‘artistic’ is in the changes I made to improve the look (I hope). Cropped. Played with colour and saturation to bring out more detail in the sky. Duplicated image on top. Ran ‘softglow’ filter over top image to bring out the paler grass. Erased sky from top layer to reveal darker sky from bottom image. Used ‘clone’ to remove some straggly bits from top of bush on left hand side for better visual balance. Photo from camera.


An escape to Sydney gave me loads of opportunity to landscape


I’m feeling too blocked up to be very artistic lols.
Here is my submission for land – Freshly cut grass at Jell’s Park. Taken on my trusty old (very old) Canon Powershot G15 yesterday at about 4pm. I don’t have photo editing software but I fiddled with the settings in iPhotos a little to try and make the land at my feet the focus…


Taken at the Williamstown wetlands – soft cloudy light.  Short depth of field which means the reeds in front are in focus and the background reeds blur into the sky which I like.  The front reeds have some lovely colours in them.


This is shot from the beach where the Werribee river meets the bay.  The You Yangs in the distance are almost the same colour as the water so I was hoping the land between would stand out.


Walking around Daylesford on Saturday, I took a few photos at various places around the lake and surrounding areas. But the day was not the best and straight of the camera I wasn’t pleased with the mood. Since the theme this week is “creative”, I then enjoyed some retouching on Saturday evening: I named this style “Misty HDR”.

Nikon D810, 36mm f/16, ISO 800
Post-processing in Lightroom, Photoshop.


The Rocks Sydney. Snapshot on a Samsung S6


Ran out of time. Riding home late this afternoon. Saw the light.

This is the type of landscape I see most often.
Phone, and Snapseed.


When this brief landed it was the night before we came home from our amazing Canada trip – full of amazing landscapes, but no time on last day to find something that I wanted to submit (I had loads from previous days, but didn’t want to cheat and use those).  But the first thing that jumped out at me when reading the brief…wasn’t actually landscape at all…more the use of land.  So in our small garden (mostly AstroTurf) we have a small patch of land that we have grown some Garlic and some Grapes.  The Garlic was ready to pick…so this was my inspiration.

Played around with my Nikon D3100 on manual focus and Aperture (F3.5) to try and blur a bit of the background.


I know the challenge is land, this is the sacred land


The cold hard reality of winter.
But still there’s a hint of vivid green grass to remind us that spring will soon be here, bursting with colour and energy.


On my way home today I stopped at Brighton to get a snap of these iconic buildings. Packed on the beach but I snuck in behind. Added a bit of colour to brighten up an otherwise dullish pic.


Looking for the exit
Didn’t get around to my planned shot this week. So snapped this on the phone at the footy club rooms at Edinburgh Gardens while at Auskick. I loved the sun and golden leaves outside framed by all the cleaning junk inside. Juxtaposition at its finest!


I left it to the last minute this week. So I have gone for an “urban landscape ” shot this week


The Greyhound Hotel, St Kilda.