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The theme for this week is Story: Mirror

This week we have a prop you need to include somehow in your photo.  Use it’s reflective properties to challenge the viewer and split the image.

You can find some examples of portraits using mirrors here.  For some high end inspiration check out these amazing mirror landscapes

Keep in mind the mirror is part of the story, not necessarily just the subject of your photo.

Send your challenge to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.

Submission due..


An array of reflections from literal and analogous mirrors..


For perhaps the first time, I’ve dedicated time over consecutive days with the aim of capturing a desired image.

Inspiration came when I stopped at Loy’s Paddock (not far from MacRobertsons Bridge over the Yarra) on my ride to work on Monday. I’d already speculated about using my glasses as the ‘mirror’, but it was the sunrise reflecting off them as they rested on my bag that was the catalyst for this shot.

A week of cloudy mornings gave some concern, but this one (a few hundred shots later) taken on Thursday morning seems to clinch it.

The only really hard choice was the usual; colour or B&W?


This was a challenge. I totally wanted to replicate the mirror in landscape shots but couldn’t really justify buying a mirror for it when I bought new shoes and a bag this week. Things that I would do differently:

  • Shoot at a lower ISO and decrease the shutter speed. It is far too grainy for my liking. I know it’s about the artist, not the gear, but I hate how grainy my photos are when they come out of my DSLR. I’d love a new camera.
  • Clean the mirror and iron Elliott’s shirt
Looking forward to seeing how everyone else went!


In the village of Oxhill they have a scarecrow competition !!
Best I could do this week


I need a drink after this.


Windows reflecting on still water. At KhaoLak, Thailand.

Taken with iPhone 6S.


I wanted to use the mirror to show contrasts, not just reflections.  Our backyard is dominated by a couple of very large figs trees which are a great indicator of the seasons and as it’s mid winter they are bare of leaves trunks.  I put a small round mirror in the evergreen ivy at the base of one of the figs and then focused the camera on the reflection of the trunk and branches above.  The ivy is quite blurry due to the focal length of the tree shot but it shows the contrast of the empty sky & branches above with the lush green and yellow of the plant below.


The garden in a cold, dry midwinter. Taken on my Canon Powershot. I didn’t plan on having my dog Miles in it … but he trotted over and looked so cute I decided to submit this one 🙂 No post photo editing except for a little cropping.


This challenge gave me brain-ache and I nearly gave up. Was just playing around with an idea and took this shot ‘for practice’.hence many fingerprints on the mirror and lack of clarity in the reflection. Lighting is dodgy too.  It was so difficult to achieve I couldn’t redo it but it’s a submission!

My partner is in hospital at the moment and I wanted to do something for him. I had to buy a mirror as our only other mirror is in a tiny bathroom. The heart-shaped one from the op-shop was just the right idea (but soooo difficult to work with).


I have wanted to take this kind of mirror infinity shot for a while – so I took my DSLR to the hairdressers on Friday.  I like the contrasts in the photo and the monochrome feel even though it was shot in colour.  Very little post production – a little straightening and cropping


Three of my favourites laughing on my couch… I had lots of ideas for this that I couldn’t bring to fruition – but I love all these people and the picture makes me happy, so that’s something!


I like the reflects in the two mirrors, in the window and on the bonnet of the car we were passing. We took an early morning drive through the city. I like the corridor of sky reflected in the mirror juxtaposed with the dark closed alley.

Taken on the iPhone. No editing or filters.


I went with nature’s mirror this week.

I took this at dusk while my kids were fishing the Barham River near Apollo Bay. They caught only seaweed, but the view of the ocean and back across to Apollo Bay was pretty spectacular so mum was happy


Reflecting on what to pack into my 24 year old backpack for the next 6 month adventure.


This weeks challenge was so much fun. I enjoyed the opportunity to stretch myself to think more creatively. With this week’s photo I wanted to use the mirror to creatively market my makeup products. Being my first attempt to work with mirrors I’m happy with the look of the photo. The only issue I had was trying to keep the products in the mirror sharp and in focus. I’m pretty sure it was due to shooting the photo in a room with limited light. Lesson learnt! Again I used my iPhone and enhanced the photo with filters.


I was at party last night and I snapped a pic of my dad standing against a wall sized mirror.


Had the flu this week, so a challenge with so much potential for creativity became a quick half hearted excercise. I wanted to use a tiny Frida Kahlo mirror to reflect an interest in her as a self portrait artist, but couldn’t find it, so I used a plain makeup mirror instead and switched theme.
My jewellery is one of very few things I took with me from the recent separation of a household. I have never stored my jewellery neatly in a box. Instead it tumbles from handmade bags and bowls because it reminds me of treasure. The mirror magnifies the effect of abundance.
Every piece in the shot has significance to me in some way. The most recent piece is a charm bracelet reflecting parts of my life as well as a love for miniature 3d things. It contains,  a pair of scissors, a cuckoo clock, a tram, an abacus, a bell and a lock.


Into the mirror. We all use the mirror to “check our look”. The women before us did the same. Do we look like the women who came before us, our ancestors? When we see our reflection, do we see them too? This self portrait aims to capture this. Using my miroir projector I projected a montage of my grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great-great grandmothers onto the wall opposite the mirror. Then used the timer to take a photo of myself looking into the mirror, instead of seeing my image reflected I see many of the women who came before me, who inspired me.
Taken with Olympus Penlite EPL5. untouched.



I’ve done this before. Get the lens down ultra low and use a puddle as a mirror. This was a rather large one, but it’s amazing how small a puddle you can get away with.
Oh, and if someone else was trying the same thing, the subject could’ve easily have been me.
Phone, with snapseed. Flipped, and a little contrast


I’m not happy with the result but still give it a go rather than not submitting. I was trying to capture 3 reflections of the sunny blue sky today – one from the roof of the car and two from each lens of my sunglasses. I only had a compact camera at hand and in macro mode, I couldn’t choose the focus area, hence the not so sharp photo 🙁


My story begins with escaping the cold Melbourne winter. We arrived in gorgeous Broadbeach yesterday. This morning we went for our regular walk along the beach. No wind and sunny weather provided a fabulous mirror image.


Here is Week 3 Challenge Photo. I like the image but not entirely sure it is best fit for the challenge. Shot on my Nikon Coolpix.


4 girls for the price of 2. ( Although a day in the city with these 2 and it felt like I was paying for 4!)


‘The maiden paused, as if again She thought to catch the distant strain. With head up-raised, and look intent, And eye and ear attentive bent,’ – The Poetical Works of Walter Scott

Reflection through the looking glass. This was taken in a hotel during a stay in Johnstone Scotland. It was taken with an iPhone 6s and tweaked in Pixelmator to enhance the shadows.


Sunrise in Adelaide, Sunday morning on Sir Donald Bradman Drive, driving to the airport. Shot on iPhone stuck out the window at the traffic lights.



Law & Order
Thinking about her next court case