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The theme for this week is Technical: Ten Shots

Righto.  This week is a challenge wrapped in the broader challenge.

What you are doing here is picking an object and taking at least 10 shots of it varying each shot as much as possible.

Things you can vary include the lighting position and intensity, the distance and angle to the object, the focal length, b&w/colour/duotone/etc.  Anything really.

Note that it needs to be an inanimate object.  No people or pets this week.

You’re aiming to make your object interesting to the rest of us.  (This will come in handy in future challenges).  1st thing to do is pick your object and do a bit of research on how best to photograph it.  eg If it shiny, search how to photo shiny objects.  2nd thing to do is keep taking photos of it.  Lots of photos, adjusting as you go.

Soooo, what do you need to send to me this week?

  • In one email you must send me your favourite shot and your description.  Make sure I know it’s your fave. 
  • If you would like, you can also send me a second email with a maximum of five other shots you took so we can see a bit more of your work.  I think you should do this as well.  (Yes, I know you are taking ten shots, and if you really want to send all ten you can.  Five just sounds more manageable.  I’m currently in a good mood and will potentially be dealing with over 150 photos so this will be my challenge within this weeks challenge within the overall challenge).

Feel free to use filters or tweak in post as much as you like.  Make your object pop.

Send your challenge to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.

Submission due..



Tyres at the park piled up. I really wanted to get a shot of them from above – to look a bit like a flower, but alas, I didn’t have a ladder or tripod handy.

I played around with the colour – I don’t mind the darker one as the muddy puddle in one of the tyres was annoying me 🙂

Favourite:  This is my first attempt at playing around in snapseed.  I  like that it no longer looks like a pile of tyres – more like a glowy flower.


I found it hard to choose between two objects – the sun (during sunset) and the ceiling fan in our resort room in Khao Lak, Thailand. The fan won as it seemed to be more challenging and the sunset was too damn distracting.

Having taken a dozen different shots, different compositions, with two different lenses, at different focal lengths, different shutter speeds (to capture motion) and different apertures (to capture depth and to intentionally overexpose), this is my submission: a ceiling fan in motion. And before a referee was to say anything – yes I might have broken some rules, intentionally. A fan in itself is an inanimate object, however you flick a switch and some motion occurs; however the main body is still still… <oh look you just got a dad joke too for free>
Across my 10 selected shots, i tried the following post-processing: HDR in Aurora, lots of b&w post-processing, lots of details highlighting in Lightroom & Photoshop and… a ‘3D bump’ filter in Photoshop, which I will work on over time, as it has given me a few ideas.
Taken with
– Nikon D810
– Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART
– Tamron 70-200 f2.8 G2


It took me a while to think of an object, but I went for an apple (actually I had to substitute an apple in as the original got damaged) as wanted to do something interesting with a simple object.  I took quite a few photos (50+), playing with the settings on the Nikon D3100.

For my favourite shot (for which I loved the colours that came out), I sprayed droplets of water to add effect and for this shot I went manual focus and aperture and took the apple out to the garden in bright sun.

The other photos I played with different locations for the apple.  I tried dropping the apple in to water with a quick shutter speed to capture the splash, but couldn’t get one with a great apple shot.  Then late in the night I took the camera outside with my new tripod(first one ever) and in near pitch black and a long exposure I took quite a few shots playing with shutter speed, ISO and then with the light from my iPhone quick “threw” in some light….the resulting photo (also submitted) was very almost my favourite as I had never tried this process before…but narrowly missed out because the apple colour wasn’t what I wanted and didn’t help that the apple was a bit bruised…but gave me some ideas for night time shooting.

Really enjoyed the challenge this week, and I had a bit more time to dedicate to it.  I do need to investigate some photo editing software (that isn’t too expensive) to try and get more out of some shots.


Two things I adore, the colour red ( Red like love, passion, adventure) and sexy shoes
This is my favourite chair at home


This week as we are in Broadbeach I thought I would select an object that we see on our regular beach walks. A life saving flag just says it all. So throughout the week I took hundreds of shots of them. Varied the angle, time of day, wind effect and shade. This pic is my favourite. Bit of breeze, great shadow and a gorgeous sky with a white cloud in the background.


This gorgeous piece is my favourite guitar that I don’t play as much as I should.  I moved it around our studio for different lighting angles and for a couple of shots used a red and a blue spotlight to highlight parts of the guitar body.  I chose this shot as my fave as the curves of the guitar bend the reflection of the patterns from the rug below.  Tweaked a few in Lightroom as well


There are many things in Houston that seem quintessentially American. The mail boxes and squirrels are two that resonate with me…and they’re combined in this photo, along with a cute little windmill. I like the mono effect for ageing in this shot.


I did a few on the phone but have struggled to down load them to the lap top. Here are a couple more taken with a tripod and a slow shutter speed. I think the best ones are on the phone!!


Here is Week 5 Challenge Photo. Busy week, I can do better. Shot on the Nikon Coolpix. Promising myself, next week I will use my Canon, Digital SLR.


First it was hard to choose an object, then it was hard to choose my favourite photo but I finally settled on both. These little guys live in our kitchen and are designed to place between your saucepan and the lid to stop your pasta water (or whatever) boiling over. I wanted to try and use light, reflections and shadows to highlight their form. Actually used camera this week instead of the phone!


I took some photos of this candle I made in Adelaide. I thought it would work well as an object as it had many colours.


My Brompton folding bike is (again) my subject of choice because I photograph it a LOT; I’m always searching for new ways to present the same subject so fellow enthusiasts don’t get bored with my pics.

I could have chosen a novel item, but figured that since I’d be stopping to photograph my bike anyway…


For this week’s challenge my mind went crazy as I had so many objects to choose from. I decided to choose an ordinary object that we see every day and pretty much ignore into an abstract piece that might spark conversation at your next dinner party.


This was a big task this week! I thought I’d try some tougher photos, so the shoot took a couple of hours! The photo I liked most was actually the easiest to take. It was the over exposed gloves holding coffee. I’ve put the falling cup as my fav though, just because of the number of takes that it required trying to get the timing right, as well as the focus. It’s a bit grainy because I needed to bump up the ISO in order to have a really high shutter speed. I really do want a better camera. My next fav would be the steam. That took so long! It was so hard to actually capture. I had to really play around with the lighting.


My husbands guitar – taken on my iPhone. It is the shot I like best after taken several on the camera and the phone.


Bench in St Kilda Botanical Gardens


Flower in St Kilda Botanic Gardens. Low light and wind which proved a challenge. This was taken with 40-150mm lense on Olympus Penlite EPL5. Had planned a small aperture shot to gain a small depth of field and focus on my flower. In the end this shot is F5.6!! I have cropped this slightly but nothing else


This is our backyard cubby. I took several shots in different modes from the same distance with the same zoom. I also did some post editing with other shots, but I think this original shot with no filter and no post editing remains my favorite.


This is one of several hasty shots taken on my phone, of an antique magnifying glass on a brass stand. It’s a tool I use for sketching and moves around the house depending on where I am drawing. I failed to take lots of shots, only a couple, magnifying different objects. I wasn’t happy with them and wasn’t going to submit.
My favourite thing about the glass is when I enter a room at a random time and the moments light coupled with the angle, cast the inverted image of the external world, onto the wall. Sometimes, though, not in this case, it creates a perfectly clear and gorgeously lit impression.
I’m not thrilled with this shot because I know how amazing it could have been with more time and effort, however I’m going with it as being better than no submission.


Replica mace, Old Parliament House, Canberra


This is SooC, well…phone actually.

In a bar, trying to get the phone’s auto to focus and adjust exposure for what I was after. This was about the 8th attempt.
Beer may also have been a factor.


My laptop goes everywhere with me – even on holidays. Today it was my muse for this photo shoot


My ‘subject’ is my old teddy, Michael, who I’ve had since I was two. A very co-operative model!

I still don’t have a good understanding of my DSLR so I just took shots on every setting, hoping at least one would turn out ok. My goal is to actually know what I’m doing by he end of the challenge.

My favourite shot is a bit ordinary, but I love the lighting and that I managed to blur the background and it shows him as he really is.

Bear 2 – he likes to take a different view of things sometimes!¬† Improved the contrast a bit and put a ‘newprint’ filter over the top. I really like the texture it gives.
Bear 3 – love his worn little feet. No changes made.
Bear 4 – had some fun with this one. Overlayed a desaturated ( image over original image then erased Michael to show his colour¬† from underneath. Because he’s old and colour photos didn’t exist when I got him, I feel the black and white works well.
Bear 5 – just a close up of his slightly worn old face