Week 6 – Artistic: Candy2017-07-17T13:29:28+10:00

The theme for this week is Artistic: Candy


A reprise from last years challenge.  Create some art based on the theme ‘Candy’.

It can be literal or metaphoric.

No limits this week so go as crazy as you like with this one.

Send your challenge to photos@iyt.org.au.  Remember to include a description which covers the subject and/or the process.

Submission due..


Serving up your sweet treats..


Slowly walking down the hall….faster than a cannon ball.
Recreating the inside sleeve from (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory


Love the colours on mass. Four photos mashed together


Spun sugar. Snapped right there on the baking paper. A timely photographic challenge as I attempted a cake decoration. Had a lot of fun with it.
Snapped on the phone and slight changes made to contrast and brightness.


Candy hay bales – Near Philip Island


I would have liked to say I came up with something really cool and creative. Originally I had an idea which was basically just a recreation of the film poster of Hard Candy, but I didn’t believe I had the skills or time and resources (i.e. clothes) to accomplish it.

So, here’s a cop out attempt at fulfilling the theme. A bunch of candy spelling out the word Candy. I meant it to have a “stock photo” kind of feel, the kind you’d sell on 500px.

D5200 JPEG Fine
50mm f/1.8G
50mm f/8 1/80s ISO400
Taken indoors on table (from IKEA, obviously) with poor ambient window light.
Bounce Flash with Front Curtain in iTTL mode.
Spot healing on table to remove some imperfections and stains.
Increased contrast on the table to bring out table grain in Gimp.
Everything else as is, no colour correction.


To me the word candy reminds me of The USA and I wanted to create a photo that showed candy in the American way.
I’m still using my iPhone to take photos until I buy an awesome camera and I love my photo shop app for enhancing my photos.


This week brings close encounters of the candy kind! I used a macro lens on the camera and played with some lighting which has hopefully brought some sweet success.


Jar of Liquorice allsorts sitting on the book Milk Bar. My inspiration was the old milk bar and being given 20c to buy mixed lollies. I had jars of a few different lollies, sat them on a dessert cookbook called Milk Bar. Came down to two shots, the first and the last. Battery on the camera finished before I could take this once more and sharpen the focus just a tad.Through the glass of the jar is the neon title of the book. Taken on Olympus Penlite EPL5 with the zoom lens and a tripod.



Wanted to do something a bit different with this one. My lips were coated in sugar and then I used a combo of Lightroom and Photoshop to change the colours. I thought they were pretty candyish. In hindsight, I would have lined all the lips up differently. The spacing is a bit off.


Because less is more.

Shot with
Nikon D810, Tamron 90mm macro, SB-700 flash camera-right.



Some delicious chocolate desserts I enjoyed whilst out with my family for dinner!


My daughters brought home a favourite from Sovereign Hill.


The great jelly baby escape …


Little boy candy…. birthday parties, chocolate cake and football! Using the vintage filter on snapseed.


I had so many ideas for this week.  My best idea was a pic of my local lollipop man. But school holidays and a forgetful morning have led to me using my back up pic. I took this display in a lolly shop in Mentone. Very cute use of candy for jewellery and it was displayed beautifully.


This is what would be at the end of my rainbow, unicorns, gold stars and sweet , sweet cupcakes! I love the expression on the unicorn on the bottom cupcake. It’s like ” eat me , I dare you, eat me!”


Candy: bright colours, varying forms, addictive.
Wool: bright colours, varying forms, just as addictive, but, arguably, better for your health.

This is a photo of a hand-dyed, plated Australian merino wool, ready for spinning or use in other crafty ways (pun intended). The colours and arrangement remind me of a giant lollipop.

Taken at on the opening day (Friday) of the 2017 Australian Sheep & Wool Show in Bendigo with my iPhone (as usual).


Had this image in my head as soon as the topic was announced . Jelly beans in a crystal bowl. That it ended up with a reflection and a couple loose on the side is an unplanned bonus!  Image pretty much as taken with a bit of contrast adjustment. Not many jelly beans left now!


I always been an admirer of Pablo Neruda and like him I apply MATAPHORS in many things in life.
On this week challenge CANDY I decided to concentrate on the METAPHOR and go for EYE CANDY
This is Garry, sweet, cute, chocolate, bright smile and a pinch of curry


This was my backup photo.  I took at a dinner last week where everything on my dessert plate was made from strawberries.  My plan for this theme was to create a Mondrian using licorice allsorts but I ended up going out for wine & cheese instead so never got the shot.

I took this one using the Lightroom app on my phone.  I upped the vibrance and then blew out the contrast and shadows.

It tasted delicious.  I much prefer strawberries to licorice anyway…


Hanging with my nephews in Houston, Texas, where candy is as plentiful as water.